BIRTHDAY PARTIES | Broadway Theatre - Medford, WI


Birthday Party Packages start at $8.50 per person (effective 1-1-2016)


Our Birthday Party Package is designed for you, your child and close family and friends to have a private "date" at the movies.  Please we ask that you only invite those you intend to pay for.

Minimum of 10 people

Must be a pre-arranged Non-showtime event (Example Saturday morning at 10 am)

All Ages are welcome for the same price

$8.50 per person (includes admission / childs combo pack 12 oz drink and popcorn, a small bag of fruit snacks)

Upgrades are available for adults $1 more to upgrade to a larger size popcorn, $1 more to upgrade to a larger size drink

Refills are offered at $0.50 per item, (Example refill a soda and a popcorn = $1)

Table is provided for gifts and Cake and Ice Cream if you would like to bring those items in you must provide your own plates/napkins/utensils)


Birthday person photo can be featured before movie, JPG format must be sent 48 hrs or more in advance

To arrange a Birthday Party call 715-560-8213 or email