Winter Hours through May 27, 2017 | Broadway Theatre - Medford, WI

Winter Hours through May 27, 2017



* if your school is off on a different day and you have a group of 10 or more.. call Dave 715-560-8213 to schedule a special showing*

Easter for 2017.. We will be open all Weekend with special Matinees on Good Friday 

Other special notes the first Monday of each month is Senior Citizen Day.. $4 for each senior $1 small popcorn $1 small sodas for all ages (special popcorn and soda pricing valid October, through May)

we typically have 1 show each night Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... 2 shows on Thursday Night,

3 shows on Friday NIghts 5 SHows on Saturdays, and 4 shows on Sundays

Fridays start around 4pm

Saturday and Sunday start around 1pm

Thanksgiving  Medford School is out Tuesday 11-22 early, 23, 24,  and 25... so We will have

Late matinees and 9pm shows on 11-22

Matinees on 11-23 and Late 9pm shows

For Turkey Day 11-24 we will open at 4pm

Matinees on 11-25 and normal 7pm and 9pm shows


Medford Schools are off 12-23 thru 1-2

Thursday 12-22 will feature late shows at 9pm

Friday 12-23 will have matinees and late Shows at 9pm

Saturday 12-24 we will open for matinees at 12:30 close at 3:30 and re-open for 8:30 pm shows

Sunday 12-25 Christmas  Day we will have two evening shows 7pm and 9 ish

Monday 12-26 through Saturday Jan 1 we will have matinees every day starting around 1pm each day, we will have 9pm shows everynight 

Sunday 1-2-2017 we will be open for a normal day with shows starting at 1pm and the last show of the night 7:15